Nairobi Gate Industrial Park, Unit 20

Your Reliable Partner in Healthcare

Since 2008

Who We Are

Geokim Supplies SEZ Co. LTD is your premier choice for pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceuticals, providing products that meet international standards with timely delivery. Our professional team ensures quality and punctuality, making Geokim your trusted partner with a commitment to excellence at the core of our operations.

We excel in sourcing, supplying, and distributing both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products, contributing to the growth of our esteemed customer base. Our robust network includes collaborations with both public and private medical sectors, manufacturers, and wholesalers, ensuring unparalleled service and product accessibility

Our History

Established in 2008, Geokim Supplies SEZ Company LTD. is an authorized distributor in Kenya for pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceutical products. We adhere to the highest standards of distribution practices for service excellence.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a leading healthcare solutions partner renowned for quality, innovation, and sustainability, dedicated to advancing healthcare in Kenya and beyond.

Our Mission

We are committed to enhancing healthcare by providing high-quality medicinal and surgical products locally and internationally.


Contributing to community well-being by delivering reliable, high-quality, innovative, and cutting-edge medical solutions


Geokim ensures strict adherence to ethical standards. Our employee policy guides on various actions to avoid any appearance of impropriety. Espoused in these principles is a requirement that staff must declare all gifts presented to them and decline high-value gifts. In cases where they have ‘’no choice’’ but to offer gifts, we require them to walk away.
Geokim is driven by every member taking ownership of their actions, performance, and behavior. We foster accountability through our policies (HR and SOPs), which require a high level of accountability. We promote a proactive approach to handling mistakes, viewing them as learning opportunities and addressing them effectively through CAPA. Ensuring clarity in roles, rules, and expectations is paramount, as accountability cannot exist without it. Clarifying these elements reinforces accountability within our organization.
We foster a culture of teamwork, championed by a dedicated and highly skilled team. Together, we collaborate seamlessly to meet and exceed customers' needs, all while upholding the highest standards of professionalism.
We offer stellar customer service, evident in our ability to receive orders in real-time, respond to inquiries promptly, track and trace orders, resolve issues through CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Actions), manage vendors efficiently, and provide a single point of reference for customer inquiries and issue management.
We boast the optimal processes to seamlessly deliver your products, fortified by a robust ERP and Quality Management system. Adhering to GDP and QA standards ensures your needs are met, further reinforced by comprehensive internal training and development initiatives.